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How to Get a Great Deal on Furniture Online

How to Get a Great Deal on Furniture Online

When searching for just about anything on a budget, browsing online is always a great option. And the same holds true for furniture. But you do need to know where to search and what precautions to take to ensure you get the best deal and that you’re actually buying good quality furniture, especially since you may be purchasing it without seeing it or feeling it in person first.

So how can you go about getting a great deal on furniture online? Continue reading for some tips.

Visit Dedicated Furniture Websites

Websites dedicated to selling furniture are a great way to find amazing deals on stunning pieces for every room throughout your home. Click here for an example of a great interior design website that offers furniture and décor at affordable rates.

Browse in Person, Purchase Online

You can also sometimes find furniture in local stores and then purchase the pieces you fell in love with by shopping for them online. Many times, if you get the brand of the furniture and the model, you’ll be able to perform a quick Internet search and find the exact same item on several different websites, so you can shop around for the lowest price and still purchase furniture that you’ve already seen in person.

Buy Furniture from Other People

Many people use the internet and sites like eBay to put up their own furniture for sale. This is a great way to purchase some second-hand furniture that is still in great condition, but that will allow you to save a lot of money. You’ll need to rely on the seller’s description of their products, as well as the photos that are provided, though, if you live too far away to visit them in person to see the pieces before you make the commitment to buy. Check seller ratings to narrow your choices down to those you can trust.

Shop Discount Outlet Stores Online

Sites like Overstock.com are great options, too, because you can find just about anything at discounted outlet prices. You can search for furniture by room, and you can also find matching décor to add accents to your new design.

Do Your Research Before You Buy from a Website

Before you buy from any website that doesn’t already have a solid, positive reputation, be sure to do your research, just as you would research seller information on eBay. Read reviews, make sure the site you purchase from is secure and will protect your financial information, and be certain that you’re purchasing furniture that’s worth the cost. Remember that, sometimes, low prices do translate to poor quality products and you get what you pay for. But a little bit of preliminary research can help you avoid problems.

When you’re ready to redecorate or upgrade your current furniture anywhere in your home, consider shopping online if you haven’t been able to find the ideal pieces in stores or if you can’t find furniture that’s within your budget. You may be surprised by just how much you can find and the great deals you can get.

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Learning from Facebook: Strategies to Make Money Investing in IPOs

Learning from Facebook: Strategies to Make Money Investing in IPOs

Most investors want to invest in larger corporations, such as Apple and Google. However, buying stock in lesser known companies can also be a great idea. Companies launching an initial public offering (IPO) may be great investments. However, some promising IPO opportunities are substantially overvalued, as Facebook investors discovered in 2012. You may want to research different IPOs on the market and consider investing in IPO stocks.

Investing in Profitable IPO Opportunities

In 2014, the average IPO increased 17% on its first day on the market. However, they are also very volatile investments and some stocks plummet soon after the IPO. You will need to carefully analyze an IPO before investing in it. Here are some tips that you should follow.

Focus Objectively on Fundamentals

Getting sidetracked with glamourous technology trends and flashy products is a big mistake. Facebook investors purchased the IPO based purely on emotion, but the stock has plummeted on numerous occasions.

Investors should always focus on companies with strong fundamentals. You need to answer the following questions to analyze an investment opportunity:

  • Does the company offer a product that consumers will want long-term?
  • Is the company overleveraged?
  • What is the return on equity?
  • How consistently have earnings grown over the company’s history?

You need to make an objective analysis of the company before investing in an IPO. Put aside any ideas of brand loyalty or your own frustrating experiences.

Read the Prospectus Carefully

The company wasn’t required to operate with the same level of transparency while it was a privately traded corporation or sole proprietorship. You will want to find out whether its success was partially attributed to unsustainable business practices or profits on short-term investments.

Every publicly traded company must provide a prospectus to its investors. You should read it carefully before investing in the stock. You will want to pay closer attention to the risks that the company raised. It is best to avoid investing in a company that is going to use the proceeds from its IPO to pay off existing debts, because the company is probably struggling to manage its cash flow properly.

Track the Stock Carefully After the IPO

IPO stocks tend to be much more volatile than those that have been on the exchange for a long time. You will want to track them carefully if you plan to invest for the short term. Stock screener allows user to analyze stocks and is one of the best ways to follow the trends. Facebook has dropped and spiked numerous times since the IPO launch. Smart investors waited for the stock to peak and dumped it before it crashed again. Taking a profit shortly after an IPO is often the smartest thing to do, until the company proves to be a sustainable long-term opportunity.

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Healthcare.gov Hack Illustrates Importance of Cloud Security

Healthcare.gov Hack Illustrates Importance of Cloud Security

The Obama Administration recently revealed that Healthcare.gov was hacked in July. Officials confirmed that no consumer information was stolen, but the story still caused room for concern. The hacker apparently installed malware on the website which would be used to commit denial-of-service attacks against other websites. If hackers can penetrate one of the most complex government websites, then other targets may be exploited as well. Anyone storing data on the cloud should make sure their data on the cloud is carefully protected.

Cloud Security Becomes More Important than Ever

Many people believe that data stored on the cloud is completely safe. Unfortunately, data with some cloud providers is more vulnerable than they would expect. Consumers need to choose their provider carefully and take precautions to make sure their data is protected. Here are some important steps they should take.

Find Out What Clients They Serve

You should find out what types of businesses your cloud provider serves. Companies in the financial and healthcare industries are subject to strict privacy regulations. A cloud company such as Togglebox that regularly works with investment banking companies, leading insurance companies, HMOs or other large companies that place high emphasis on confidentiality is generally committed to providing a secure service.

Choose Passwords Very Carefully

You have probably heard the importance of using a secure password before, but it is definitely worth repeating. One study from Deloitte found that 90% of all passwords can be cracked in a few seconds. Password crackers are becoming extremely advanced these days, so you will want to choose them carefully. A good password should contain between eight and fifteen characters. You should also include numbers and special characters to reduce the probability that it will be cracked.

Encrypt Your Own Data

Most cloud companies encrypt all data, which reduces the probability that hackers can exploit it. However, you shouldn’t count entirely on your cloud company to protect it. Encrypting the data on your end will add an extra layer of protection and reduce the chances of being hacked significantly.

Always Make Sure Your Data is Backed Up

In the case of Healthcare.gov, the hacker wasn’t able to actually steal any information. However, the site administrators needed to alter some files to remove the malware that they installed. Your own site administrator may need to delete infected files to keep malware from spreading. The hacker themselves could also corrupt or delete your files. It is always important to back your files up in case.

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Fall Recipes

I absolutely love Fall, it is such a pretty season. The color change of the leaves are so colorful and the crisp winds coming through the house oh and then there is making smores over a fire. My most favorite is bringing out the crockpot, making chili, beer bread and so many more great recipes.

Fall Recipes-Sublime

I got together with some great bloggers to give you some great Fall recipes to add to your menus this fall.

Sara form Sweet Silly Sara has a delicious breakfast recipe for you-Black and Blue Pancakes

Black & Blue Pancakes

Dina from Unentitled Life has two great recipes for you. Copycat Zuppa Toscana Soup and Crockpot Potato Soup and Pumpkin Rolls


pumpkinrollsAmanda from Coupons and Lessons has two great recipes-Kid Friendly Chili and Slow Cook Hungarian Meatballs

Frito BoatsMeatballpic1


Angie from Angie’s Angle has a Taco Soup recipe that sounds delicious and Homemade Chili.

homemade chili


Jen from Pin’n'Tell  has an Apple Squares recipe that I can’t wait to make.

grannys-apple-squares-350x416Savannah from the Simply Me Blog has a great dessert for you-Candy Corn Mason Jar Cheesecake

candy corn cheesecake

April from SavingformyFamily has 2 recipes that you will want to try. Cheesy Crock Potatoes  and  Baked Potato Cheddar SoupBaked Potato Cheddar Soup

Cheesy Crock Potatoes

  I hope you enjoy all of these recipes. What is your favorite fall recipe?

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Debt Snowflaking Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Debt Snowflaking Tips You Should Be Aware Of

United States consumers are currently burdened with over $11 trillion in debt. The average American has over $15,000 in credit card debt alone. This debt can make it difficult for many people to be financially stable. Fortunately, you can get yourself out of debt if you plan carefully. One of the best approaches to take is debt snowflaking.

What is Debt Snowflaking?

Most people want to get themselves out of debt. They understand that it needs to be a priority, but often fail to come up an approach that works. Debt snowflaking is a strategic system to help you get out of debt. Here are some things that you can do. Contact someone like Aaron A Delsignore if you have additional questions.

Prioritize Highest Interest Debts

Unfortunately, they often prioritize momentary psychological victories over developing successful long-term plans to be debt free. Their biggest mistake is focusing on paying down small debts rather than addressing those with the highest interest rates. They may feel better knowing that they have fewer outstanding accounts, but their highest interest debts will continue to grow.

Debt snowflaking is a strategic approach to getting yourself out of debt. You will focus on paying down your highest interest debt, which keeps it from growing. There are a number of things that you must do to make debt snowflaking work.

Pay What You Can

Any amount of money that you put towards your debt will help. Don’t be discouraged if you can only pay $100 towards your credit card this month. That payment could keep you from paying an extra $100 in interest five years from now. Of course, you will want to pay as much as you possibly can, but even small payments can help.

Look for Supplementary Incomes

You may also want to consider looking for supplemental income. Here are some ways that some people make extra money to pay down their debts:

  • Taking a part-time job
  • Selling knick-knacks on ebay
  • Taking online surveys
  • Freelancing online
  • Tutoring at a local college
  • Becoming a mystery shopper

You need to decide what your time is worth and try to pursue supplementary income streams that are worthwhile. However, you shouldn’t be too picky either. Anything that can help you create a decent supplementary income can help you reduce your debt.

Break the Debt Cycle

Paying off your debt is important. However, you will only be successful if you make a concerted effort to stay debt free. Resist the temptation to take on new debts so you can enjoy the satisfaction of being debt free.


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