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Debt Snowflaking Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Debt Snowflaking Tips You Should Be Aware Of

United States consumers are currently burdened with over $11 trillion in debt. The average American has over $15,000 in credit card debt alone. This debt can make it difficult for many people to be financially stable. Fortunately, you can get yourself out of debt if you plan carefully. One of the best approaches to take is debt snowflaking.

What is Debt Snowflaking?

Most people want to get themselves out of debt. They understand that it needs to be a priority, but often fail to come up an approach that works. Debt snowflaking is a strategic system to help you get out of debt. Here are some things that you can do. Contact someone like Aaron A Delsignore if you have additional questions.

Prioritize Highest Interest Debts

Unfortunately, they often prioritize momentary psychological victories over developing successful long-term plans to be debt free. Their biggest mistake is focusing on paying down small debts rather than addressing those with the highest interest rates. They may feel better knowing that they have fewer outstanding accounts, but their highest interest debts will continue to grow.

Debt snowflaking is a strategic approach to getting yourself out of debt. You will focus on paying down your highest interest debt, which keeps it from growing. There are a number of things that you must do to make debt snowflaking work.

Pay What You Can

Any amount of money that you put towards your debt will help. Don’t be discouraged if you can only pay $100 towards your credit card this month. That payment could keep you from paying an extra $100 in interest five years from now. Of course, you will want to pay as much as you possibly can, but even small payments can help.

Look for Supplementary Incomes

You may also want to consider looking for supplemental income. Here are some ways that some people make extra money to pay down their debts:

  • Taking a part-time job
  • Selling knick-knacks on ebay
  • Taking online surveys
  • Freelancing online
  • Tutoring at a local college
  • Becoming a mystery shopper

You need to decide what your time is worth and try to pursue supplementary income streams that are worthwhile. However, you shouldn’t be too picky either. Anything that can help you create a decent supplementary income can help you reduce your debt.

Break the Debt Cycle

Paying off your debt is important. However, you will only be successful if you make a concerted effort to stay debt free. Resist the temptation to take on new debts so you can enjoy the satisfaction of being debt free.


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Telecommuters Face Unique Computer Security Risks

Telecommuters Face Unique Computer Security Risks

Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States and other regions around the world. The American Community Survey found that 3.2 million American employees work from home at least once a week. While telecommuting can be highly convenient, it also creates some security risks.

Security Risks of Working from Home

Anybody that works from home will need to be prepared for the security challenges they will face. Here are some things they will need to do to enhance their security.

Weaker Links in Corporate Security Structure

The Department of Homeland Security recently released a new report on the tactics hackers use. These hackers often scan corporate communication systems for software used by virtual employees. Savvy cybercriminals realize that the security infrastructure of these systems is easier to crack. They use sophisticated brute force attacks to gain access to them.

Many hackers use dictionary hacking tools to get into these systems. If you are working from home, then you need to be especially careful about using a complex password that is difficult to crack. Try to pick a password that is between eight and seventeen characters long.

Failure to Comply With Guidelines

IT security departments are constantly hounding their employees to be more vigilant about following security protocols. The head of IT security knows that his job could be on the line if the system is hacked, even if the breach was caused by another employee’s negligence. David Jordan, a chief Security Officer in Virginia, said people in his position are “like sheep waiting to be slaughtered.”

Jordan and other security officers try to monitor employees carefully to ensure they are complying with security protocols. They also work with other executives to create compliance programs and penalize employees that breach them.

However, they have more difficulty overseeing people that work from home. People may breach protocol by downloading applications or accessing websites that expose their data to serious security risks.

You should be diligent about following these requirements at all times. Never use a mobile device for both work related activities and downloading other applications. You should also be cautious about visiting new websites and downloading documents in emails. You may be jeopardizing your job and your company’s future by ignoring your CIO’s security tips.

Be Proactive About Security

Complying with your company’s IT security policies isn’t enough. Those guidelines were probably written for employees with machines that were carefully protected by their employers. Since your systems don’t have the same protection, you will need to be more proactive. Here are some things to do:

The chances of a security breach will be much lower if you take these steps. You will be glad that you did.

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Double Dip Into Savings At Meijer #SaveX2

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

I am a loyal Meijer shopper. They always have the best deals!

When I heard about this promotion I couldn’t wait to

share it with you guys!


I am all finished with my back to school shopping but…

I already have Christmas on my mind, there are something like 9 more Fridays until the holiday,

so this deal sings to my planning ears.

I am going to stock up on  Coldstone and Steak and Shake gift cards so that I

will have happy relatives when they see I gave them the gift of great food instead of another scarf or tie that

will collect dust in their closet.

With my savings, I just might break my diet and

share some ice cream with my kids!

Now let me tell you how buying a gift card at Mejer before 9/4

can help you double dip into some serious savings!


client with credit card shopping in flowers shop

Buying gift cards at your local Meijer BEFORE you shop, dine or hit the
town can not only save you money, but also earn you extra credit card

 Now through 9/6 (or 9/10 in Chicago, Indiana and Ohio), savvy shoppers
can double dip on savings when they purchase gift select gift cards.

Here’s How:

o Promotional Offer: Get a $5 coupon toward your next shopping
order when you buy $50 in gift cards from: Unos, Cold Stone, The
Children’s Place, Lane Bryant and Catherine’s, Steak and Shake,
Express and Darden Restaurant Card.


o Earn Credit Card Rewards: By using your favorite rewards credit
card to purchase, you can earn points, miles or a percentage back
on your purchase. Some credit cards even offer increased rewards
for purchases made at grocery.

 Let’s see how you can save $7.50 when you purchase $50 in participating
gift cards:

 $5 off: When you buy two $50 cards (in two SEPARATE
transactions). Be sure to use your mPerks card, and make
note of the expiration date on your coupons!

 $1.50 back: If you earn 3% back on grocery purchases
through your credit card

We are offering you an opportunity to enter to win

a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Good luck! If you win I hope you will come back and tell me all about it in a comment!

Happy Savings!

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Keeping Baby Safe in the Sun



Thanks to Baby Ganics for sending us sunscreen and inspiring this post.



My daughter is lovely, her hair is light, her eyes are blue, her skin is fair. I worry about her exposing that lovely baby to the hot summer sun. I have heard so many stories about the dangers of many sunscreen products this year that I was uncertain about what to use, or if I should use any.


I had the chance to try a product from a favorite line of mine, BabyGanics. Let me tell you a little more about this product:

“Your baby-safe world just got bigger! It’s a big, wide world out there and your baby wants at it. But sunburn and damage to sensitive skin isn’t anything you want them to explore. Our mineral- based SPF formulas provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and glides on smooth for effortless application. Non-allergenic and tear free, so it can go on whatever part of your baby the sun’s gonna shine…

No: PABA, phthalates, parabens, fragrances or nano-particles

  • With 100% natural NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend to help nurture & support baby’s skin.
  • Perfect for high exposure areas and targeted protection
  • Broad spectrum SPF 50+
  • UVA + UVB protection
  • Water resistant (80 minutes)
  • Tear free
  • Non-allergenic
  • Pediatrician & Dermatologist tested
  • Never tested on animals”


A mineral based sunscreen that is safe for babies and is spf50+ is perfect for keeping baby safe from the sun. I loved that the product applied easily, it resists water and it has a pleasant smell. I was happy with the high spf of the product. I used it on my infant and my preschooler. I think that the product is effective and a good option for families. We had a burn free summer for both kids and BabyGanics is what we used. We saw this product in our local Kroger which speaks well of availability.



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3D Printing and Other Technology Improving Auto Industry

3D Printing and Other Technology Improving Auto Industry

Auto sales have been stagnant over the last few years. A number of auto industry executives from Europe recently told the Wall Street Journal that they are pessimistic about the future of the global auto industry. Sales have declined in recent years due to a poor economy rather than customer dissatisfaction.

However, global auto manufacturers are still trying to reinvent themselves to boost future sales. They are confident that advances in 3D printing and other technology will overshadow the economic downturn and boost sales in the coming years.

New Technology Poised to Stimulate the Auto Industry

There have been a number of new advances in manufacturing technology over the last few years. Here are some new developments that are changing the industry:

3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing is one of the most prominent changes. This new technology has considerably benefited the automotive industry. A new report from Inside 3DP shows that the industry is one of the largest customers of 3D printing services. Here are some ways that 3D printing is transforming the industry:

  • Developing prototypes more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Giving testers more time to conduct form fitting and other analyses
  • Allowing manufacturers to create the interior of a concept car
  • Create vehicles in small quantities
  • Manufacture unique types of vehicles

Three-dimensional printing has clearly had a tremendous impact on the global automobile industry. Many experts are confident the industry will grow much more in the months to come.

More Environmentally Friendly Technologies

Automobile manufacturers are also looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of challenges with previous hybrid vehicles is that they came with a significant price premium. Even many environmentally consumers were reluctant to purchase them, because the money they saved on gas never made up for the initial cost of the vehicle.

Consumers are becoming more concerned about protecting the environment and regulators are becoming more stringent. There are a number of new technologies on the market that are making cars more environmentally friendly.

The Manhattan Project has recently opened a lab in Tennessee to address some of these issues. They are looking for new ways to make cars more environmentally friendly. They are developing better synthetic oils, low cost carbon fibers and other materials that will make cars safer. Their technologies will soon be available to leading automobile manufacturers across the world.

Subaru and many other car companies intend to release newer, more environmentally friendly vehicles to their customers in the near future. They will collaborate with experts from the Manhattan Project and other companies to improve on their technology.

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