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Free Summer Reading Programs For Kids


The importance of reading over the summer for kids as their skills can fizzle with a 3 month break from school. By encouraging kids to keep reading we can help them excel in spelling and reading in the next school year.  My kids love to read and we read daily and encourage quiet reading time where they look at books and explore the pictures.



Kids bookshelf with German and American childr...

Kids bookshelf with German and American childrens books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





If your children are not so quick to dive into a book for the sheer fun of it, I compiled a list of FREE summer reading programs for kids to help them get lost in a good book with an incentive to do so.






Your Local Library – at our library the kids get a reward for every 5 days they read 15 minutes. The prizes range from buttons, stickers, books, a pool party, free lunch at Taco Bell and more!






Book Adventure awards prizes after kids read a book and take a short quiz on the book.  Prizes range from temporary tattoos to magazine subscriptions, candy and more.






Half Price Books  has programs for small kids and high school students. After reading for 300 minutes kids can redeem their reading log for bookworm bucks good at HPB.






Barnes and Noble has a reading program that kids will earn a free book from completing.






TD Bank will give kids $10 in their savings account for reading this summer!






Chuck E Cheese will give kids free tokens for reading and completing the log they provide online.






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11 Lemon Cocktails for Summer

Luscious Lemon drinks were made for summer days, to melt the heat away along with stress. Lemon is refreshing for everyone, but these drinks were made with grown ups in mind! I wonder which of these adult beverages you will want to try first!?



11 Lemon Cocktails

Boozy Whipped Lemonade from Who Needs A Cape

Blueberry Limoncello Sangria from By Dawn Nicole

Lemon Drop Martinis from Cooking with Curls

Raspberry Lemonade Moscato Wine Spritzer from Who Needs A Cape

Lynchburg Lemonade from Tamillee’s Tips

Spiked Frosty Pink Lemonade from Spend With Pennies

Passion Tea Lemonade from Cooking With Curls

Moscato Slushies from Wines With Charm

Cruzan Rum Lemonade from Greta’s Day

Hero from Sweep Tight

Lemon Chia Fizz from the Rebel Chick

What is your favorite lemon beverage? Tell me all about it in a comment! Do you have one picked out from this list to try first?

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Egg Carton Flower Crafts

This is the perfect time of year to create something pretty with an egg carton! Spring is here and chances are you have an egg carton at your disposal at this very moment! I found a few adorable egg carton flower craft ideas that I wanted to share with you. These crafts upcycle a common item while bringing a little spring cheer to the day.

Danya Banya shares how to make egg carton roses for an elegant addition to your spring decor.

Your kids will love making these cheery spring flowers from Wildflower Ramblings

This idea for Egg Carton Flowers from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom is a lovely way to welcome spring with the kids!

This tulip idea from Kitchen Floor Crafts will have you saving your egg cartons for a craft day!

This egg carton flower craft from B Inspired Mama makes a lovely bouquet for someone sweet this spring.

Your kids will love making these easy egg carton flowers  from Creatiful Kids.

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CampusBookRentals.com Saves Me Money and Time

Summer session is almost here, that means it is time to start checking out the list of books needed to learn a lot of great things at college!


When I have books to buy, there is one place I check first. Campus Book Rentals. Not only can I save up to 90% off of the cover price, but I can also rent and sell my books via this site!

How impressive is that?


Are you curious how this works? Watch this video to get the big picture!


How does it work?:


Let me tell you about some of the perks of renting or buying used books:


Some perks are:

-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices

-free shipping both ways

-can highlight in the textbooks

-flexible renting periods

-they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented



Operation Smile is my favorite reason to do business with Campus Book Rentals. By getting an education and saving money each book I get from Campus Book Rentals I am helping to make a great difference in the life of a child.


You may find more information about Operation Smile at: http://www.operationsmile.org/about_us/who-we-are/ .


Saving money, getting a great education and making life better for those that need it the most are just a few of the reasons why I have been a big fan of Campus Book Rentals over the years. This is one company you cannot go wrong with. From the titles you need at a fraction of the book store cost, free shipping and

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Sumptuous Valentines treats; Brownie points guaranteed!

Valentine’s Day is a time for indulging your other half. It is a day for impressing them with your thoughtful acts, and gifts that hit the mark. Of course, it can be pretty difficult to choose that golden gift for your spouse, partner or would-be partner.

Edible valentine gifts are right on so many levels. They get those happy hormones flowing through their body as they eat and those great feelings become associated with you, by, err… association. There is research, cited in Forbes so it must right, that suggests that chocolate can prevent, even reverse mental aging. They’ll feel better, love you more and will take longer to go doolally. What could be better? You’ll probably even get a taste, as foodie gifts are great to share.

To make your life easier we’ve handpicked some of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. Just try and keep your salivating under control so that you don’t damage your keyboard.

A 14lb assorted cookie tin

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a bit of the cookie monster in them. I am firmly of the opinion that there are 2 types of people in this world, those that love cookies… and liars. With that in mind, a huge assorted cookie tin, with hand-selected choices to match your loved ones tastes, has to be a winner. Cheese, chocolate, raspberry, not free brownies, white chocolate, cinnamon, oatmeal raisin; there is so much to choose from.

Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t about a functional gift. Don’t buy a kettle, or worse still an iron. It’s about putting some thought into the gift and showing you care. If you don’t really know which flavours to go for why not be a bit creative and match flavours to your loved one’s personality. Think fruity, think nutty, think spicy, think gooey with exciting chocolate chips. Be ready to explain your choices though, as your thought processes are half the gift. There are a great range of Valentine cookies here to start your cookie/personality matching adventure.

It’s bonus time! As well as the delicious cookies, you are giving the cookie tins. Just think, any time you in the doghouse you can fill the tins and immediately get back in the good books. Great gift mixed with strategy = winner.

Valentine’s Day Cookie House

So you want an idea that is a little different? You want to surprise, shock, excite and delight?

Well what about a cookie house? Think fairy-tale cottage made of cookie dough, decorated with sugar hearts in reds, pinks and whites, and forming a wonderful table center-piece. You will be giving something that is certainly a bit different, and a bit special.

This is without doubt more thoughtful than a bunch of flowers, and will be a visual sign of your love, just as flowers are. It will get people talking about your sensitivity and thoughtfulness for sure! Not only that, it will be a few days of deliciousness once the decision is made to dive in and devour.

GJ 8lb value cookie pack

The perfect cookie is a science. The Brits have even gone as far as studying why some cookies crumble and crack; humidity, temperature and the cooling process according to a CNN story.

The cookies in this assortment can be hand-picked, with 1lb of 8 different flavours. You will love them, your partner will love them, and none of them will be cracked.

Homestyle brownies.

Nothing says I’m delighted to be sharing my life with you better than brownies. They are the epitome of homeliness, deliciousness, tenderness and sumptuousness; great shared whilst watching a romantic flick on Valentine’s Day. Just save a few to go with morning coffee too; yummy.

If you really want to hit the mark with a food-based gift, then you need to give some thought to your partner’s favourites. If you can hand-pick a selection of treats that are exactly right you’re heading into the new Valentines year with lots of credit in the bank. You only problem will be how to top this year’s gift when next year comes round.

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